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 Anye New Materials Limited (ANMMC) specializes in the recycling of tungsten scraps. We purchase soft W scraps--tungsten powder, sludge, grinding and spent W catalysts. In addition to soft scraps, we also purchase scrap carbide inserts, end mills, drills, wear parts, etc.

  We recycle all forms of tungsten scrap:

 Scrap powder

This material is typically used in the thermal spray process for hard facing. We can buy low-grade carbide powder containing as little as 8% tungsten with different alloys. We can also buy different Powder with WO3 or tungsten containing compound, such as CaWO4.

We buy tungsten carbide grinding sludge containing oil and moister from anyone who grinds carbide, tool manufacturers and scrap dealers. 

 Spent catalyst

We buy tungsten catalyst waste directly from the end users in the petroleum industry or from scrap metal dealers. We price tungsten catalysts according to the amount of tungsten we recover, typically recovering 10-18% tungsten.

 Drills and inserts

We recycle tungsten carbide drills, end mills and inserts of all grades, brazed or clean.